Here at Spooner Markets, we love our vendors! We do our best to make sure each and every vendor has a successful market and is satisfied with their experience! We would love to partner with you!

We can't wait to see the exceptional craftsmanship and booth display showcasing your work that you bring to our market!

Tips and Tricks

Booth Photos

We love our vendors and what you bring to Spooner Markets. Take professional pictures of your merchandise, displays and a full picture of your booth to showcase your unique style.


Merchandise Photos

Make sure your products are front and center in these photos. They should be aesthetically pleasing, but make sure to keep the images clean and simple. Remember, the focus of these photos is the product (clothing on models is helpful to see how clothing looks).


Booth/Product Description

Make sure to be thorough with these descriptions. Include all the products you sell, as this information is important. We strive to offer a variety of vendors at Spooner Markets, and don't want to have too many vendors selling the same items.


Selecting Your Booth Space

Spooner Markets provides a variety of booth spaces (depending on season) at a variety of price points. We highly encourage you consider each one carefully. Outdoor booths come with the risk of bad weathers, so if you have fragile products or displays, please be aware of the risks. Certain booth spaces have limited availability, so please select all options that would fit your needs.


Why do you need my website/social media links?

We try our best to thoroughly review every application. By providing links to your website or social media pages, it allows us to better understand our vendors and make an educated decision. 


Do you provide tables/chairs?

Table and chairs are available free of charge, if needed. You are required to put them away at breakdown. Thanks


Do you offer power/electricity?

Yes we have electricity available for INDOOR vendors. If your are an OUTDOOR vendor, you are responsible for providing your own power.

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